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My Speech

Fasting In the Month Ramadhan


In the name of Allah, the most merciful and the most gracious. All praise be to Allah SWT, the lord of the world, the master of the day after, the creator of everything in this Universe. Peace and salutation be upon our prophet Muhammad SAW, who has brought us from the darkness into the the brightness and guide us into the right way of life
Ladies and Gentlemen,
In this good opportunity, I would like to deliver a speech entitled Ramadhan : the Islamic Month of Fasting. Ramadhan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is the Islamic month of fasting in which muslim refrain from eating, drinking, and bad attitudes from dawn until sunset. Fasting is meant to teach  themuslims patience, modesty, and spirituality.
Ramadhan is a time for Muslims to fast for the sake of Allah SWTand to offer more prayer than usual. During Ramadhan, Muslims ask forgiveness for past sins, pray for guidance and help in refraining from everyday evils, and also try to purify themselves through self controls.
Viewers in youtube,
In our country, Ramadhan is not only a fasting month. But also a special moment in our society. Many people cheer up Ramadhan with certain ceremonies, such us making cakes and visiting among the familys members to ask forgiveness. It means that Ramadhan has become a part of our cultures.
In our education activity, the teaching learning process in school during Ramadhan in usually fulfilled with the activities related with the religion. An exsample of this activity is Ramadhan Boarding School or know as Pondok Ramadhan. The main purpose of pondokramadhan is to increase the faithfulness of the students towards Islam.  It usually in volves the teaching of the Islamic concepts and how to be good Muslims.

Ladies and Gentelman in youtube
As Muslim, what should we do in this Holy Ramadhan ?

In my points of views, there are at least four main activities that we should do. The first one is fasting, A good fasting is not only how to refrain from eating and drinking but also HOW TO CONTROL  OURSELVES FROM BAD BEHAVIOURS.  The second is reading Qur’an. We all know, qur’anis  the revelation from our God. It contains the guidanceof life. By reading qur’an, we will get blessing and be able to face this life,. The third, we carry out special prayers, called Tarawih, which are held in the mosques every night of the Ramadhan month. The last, we ask  forgiveness to our parents, families and friends. 

Ladies and gentlemen,
I think that’s all my speech. I hope this speech will be useful for us. Thank you very much for your attention.

Waalikumsalam wr. wb    

Kamis, 25 Mei 2017

Assalamualaikum wr.wb
hello my friends? On may 22,  i study about the speech. and then, Miss Dini ordered us to make a group to answer the question.
Group members :
1. Indra Amin Jaya
2. Rana Aulia Riyanti
3. Putri Melati
4. Meiliani Cristianti

The question :

  1. What is speech ?
  2. What are the aspect in speech and what we must do before delivering the speech?
  3. Check the topic of your speech ?
Answer :

  1. Speech is the act of speaking ; expression and cammunication of thought and feelings by spoken word.
  2. speaker, message, audience, channel, feedback and noise. Aspect of speech delivery include nonverbal ;  voice quality, pronuciation and audience engagement. these components work togethers to creat a delivery that sound natural and conversational.
  3. Indra amin jaya speech about the virtues of fasting in the month Ramadhan.  Rana Aulia Riyanti speech about the Chemistry in life. Putri Melati speech about the way to prevent pollution environment. Meiliani Cristianti speech about save our cultur.
May be just it, thanks for reading my blog and see you  to watching and listen my speech....hahahs

waalaikumsalam. wr.wb

mohom maaf lahir dan batin...
By ; Indra and Family

The Synopsis Of Akeelah and the Bee

 The Synopsis Of Akeelah and the Bee

Akeelah Anderson (Keke Palmer) is an 11-year-old girl in south Los Angeles, with a love for words. Spelling words was a way for her to connect to her father who was killed when she was six. Akeelah is a bright student, but she has been skipping class and is barely passing. Akeelah's principal is about to put her in detention when he persuades her to enter the Crenshaw school's spelling bee. Akeelah wins the spelling-bee and now she can go to the state contest. Dr. Larabee (Laurence Fishburne), a college professor and former national spelling-bee contestant, enters the picture. The principal has asked Dr. Larabee to help coach Akeelah. At first, Akeelah is stubborn and hardheaded that she doesn't need any help to win the next spelling-bee. However, Dr. Larabee shows Akeelah that she doesn't know all the words to win. During the summer, Dr. Larabee is a tough taskmaster teaching Akeelah as much as he can. He then gives her 5,000 new words to learn and tells her to do it on her own. With the help of the whole neighborhood, Akeelah learns all the words, and makes it to the national spelling-bee in Washington D.C. Douglas Young (the-movie-guy) 

My Future Business

Hello readers? how are you today? well, now i want to write down my desire to do business in the future. i think that being businessman it's great. because by doing business we can provide jobs to the unemployed and be self-sufficient, delignt with his own business. in in the future i want to be businessman of home, land and plantation.  The first reason, 'why i wat to do business home? because, i want to have a many home and wherever. if, my family did not have a home i can give a stay to him. The second reason, ' why i want to be businessman of land ? because, i know the ground it does not get stale and the longer the price is more expensive. The reason for the third, 'Why i want to be businessman of plantation? because, my village still a lot of land thats is not used to the maxsimum to plantation. i worried all the ground in the village filled with plants palm and.....in the end, the land can broken and can't be used in addition to the palm....
This is my dream thats still be a plan for the future. i pray that all of this can be achieved. okay readers... may be just enough, thanks you have read my blog and visit the next post.........see you

Expo Pendidikan Untan


HELLO my friends? What's up? well, Now i want to share my story when explored to Expo Pendidikan Untan in Auditorium.
in may 9 2017, i and three of my friends, they are Ervin Crespo, Umrotun,  dan septiani. we was visited at the same times interviews with some of the guard stand. Our purpose is to work on a task that has been given by miss Dini that interviewed stand AMCOR and UPT bahasa. okay my frieds, first, we visited was American Corner Untan. in AMCOR stand, there were some books, game, and each other. During there, i played game and photo with friends.
After that, we went to UPT bahasa stand. there were also sone books, and games of english, i try to played game but i failed.......hmmm. okay never mind...i said". i direct photo with smile.
Then, we visited BCLC stand. we wrote our dream in the next ten years on a sticky note. and also we took the photo be uploaded in instagram, and we got some souvenirs.
After that, we visited Teknik arsitek stand. there were miniature of Kapuas Hulu region. and we did'n forgot to take photo....hahahaha.
Next stand, we visited Fakultas Kehutanan Stand. there were some object thats antique.
And the next stand, we visited Studio Data FMIPA UNTAN. There were we only a fhoto.
and the last stand, we visited FMIPA stand, there were robot, game, we can experimen of chemistry  and each other.
Okay my friends, it's my report of Explored Expo Pendidikan Untan. Bye and see you again at the Expo Pendidikan Next.....


Hello my friend? how are you?well, now i want to share a little of my skill cooking rice with simple and it's feels comfortable....hahaha
check it out !

Before that, i will give a steps cooked rice;
1. Take some rice, you may use measure
2. put the rice in the bowls
3. rinse the rice using some water
4. put the rice in a pan
5. add some water, do not add to much, 4      glasses  are enough
6. boil the water
7. when the water is boiling, stir the rice a little until the water is dry
8. the rice is cooked.